It (2017): Evil clown

The film about fake evil, might be not so interesting at first glance, but there is a second dimension with hint about the much more greater real evil, which in the reality own all of us. It’s a scary story with a social message.


  • First disappointing impression
  • First layer: wider scale
  • Second layer: social metaphor
  • Space of choice
  • Conclusion

The full review is there:
(I would like to repost the whole article here, but do not want to copy manually all the pictures from there.)

There is no such holiday now. But there is people on the steets. And many. Euronews (and so on) always takes a high interest in mass people’s actions everywhere (in Iran, in Moldavia, in GDR etc., even in Russia – of course when it concerns western capitalism oriented ‘opposition’), and sees no the people here (7.11.2009). Hmm… May be they all are invisible, indeed? Let’s see.

7 ноября 2009

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