To: Mr. Xavier Huillard

Chairman and CEO of VINCI
Chairman of VINCI Concessions

1, cours Ferdinand de Lesseps
F-92851 Rueil-Malmaison Cedex

Tel. : (+33) 1 47 16 35 00
Fax : (+33) 1 47 51 91 02

Activists of Save Khimki Forest movement


I am deeply worried by the situation with the construction of the toll motorway Moscow – St. Petersburg, section 15 – 58 km. It is known that the concessioner of the project – the company called NWCC LLC –is, in fact, a daughter structure of the Vinci group.
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Bruni de la Motte, Sunday 8 November 2009 11.00 GMT

East Germans lost much in 1989
For many in the GDR, the fall of the Berlin Wall and unification meant the loss of jobs, homes, security and equality
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There is no such holiday now. But there is people on the steets. And many. Euronews (and so on) always takes a high interest in mass people’s actions everywhere (in Iran, in Moldavia, in GDR etc., even in Russia – of course when it concerns western capitalism oriented ‘opposition’), and sees no the people here (7.11.2009). Hmm… May be they all are invisible, indeed? Let’s see.

7 ноября 2009

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