American Troops Totally Did Not Use Rape as A Weapon of War


Repost of one old message, which though still actual now.

American Troops Totally Did Not Use Rape as A Weapon of War. — TamilNet, Saturday, 10 October 2009, 01:30 GMT. —

As TamilNet recently mentioned, white madam Hillary Clinton most rightly accused Sri Lanka of having used rape as a weapon of war against We Tamils. However, certain people think that she is in no position to be accusing anyone of rape because US troops have allegedly committed rape in warzones as well. We at TamilNet seek to redress this on behalf of our American white masters.

Photographs have emerged showing American troops supposedly gang-raping women in Iraq. While those photographs seem damning, TamilNet can tell you that they in fact tell a very different story. These photos, you see, show some nice American GI’s just taking an Iraqi girl on a ‘VIP tour’ of a prison. They were totally NOT gang-raping her just for the hell of it.

As our totally non-demented readers can see, those soldiers are trying very hard to make sure that the girl’s VIP tour is a comfortable one. They have even provided her with a luxury Persian rug on which to undertake the tour, and food was provided to her as well as a relaxing massage. It really beggars belief as to how anyone can accuse American troops of using rape as a weapon of war here when all they were doing was taking good care of the girl.

There are more than 2000 such photographs depicting American soldiers treating Iraqi women (and even a few men) with similar generosity. Our half-black half-white master Barack Obama broke a promise to release those photos, claiming that Iraqi REBELS (no, they are not terrorists because the western media always insisted on calling the LTTE ‘rebels’ too) would rush to his soldiers in an effort to get similar 5-star treatment.

Needless to say, white madam Hillary Clinton is in a perfectly wonderful position to accuse the Sinhaloids of war crimes because her soldiers are a bunch of saints. She is completely eligible to throw stones from her house because it is totally not made of glass. Please keep up the good work, madam Hillary. You have just earned yourself a year’s worth of free commode scrubs from grateful We Thamizh.

36 Responses to “American Troops Totally Did Not Use Rape as A Weapon of War”

  1. dantes76 said

    The power of ignorance..
    From cuba..[2004] a porn fake film

  2. dantes76 said

    Again… It’s a fake.. a fake from 2004…

    • Again. I ask You to give the link on the fake.
      Is it hard?

      • bigfuzzy said

        You don’t need a link. Just look at the photos and compare them to any of the MILLIONS of photos of soliders in Iraq/afghanistan. Notice any difference? Oh yeah, they don’t use those uniforms. Oh yeah, they don’t wear face paint. Find a single, legitimate photo of a soldier in Iraq with facepaint and those old uniforms. Please. You fucking idiot.. and I hate US policy and I still see you as a fucking idiot.

    • But where are the proofs? They give us nothing. They only blame someone else for publication and for ‘crimes’ totally irrelevant to the case (like freedom of speech in Cuba and other blah-blah). It seems just like a post incident cover.

      Well, let’s think logically. We see materials with atrocities similar to Abu Graib photos. Have we reasons to take it seriously? We have: the same Abu Graib, the unbelievable cases of US military men, who kill for fun and take human body parts trophies (it’s much far then just rape), we know about US mil deeds in previous campaigns, etc. In the same articles on Your links we see:
      «In addition, at least 112 women in the military have reported being sexually assaulted by U.S. service members in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last two years» (
      And those women are in Western services themselves. What to say about native women, having no rights?

      We have different officials (Cuba, Arab counries) and organizations who consider the materials as reliable.
      So we can draw a conclusion: the photos or videos were made by Western mil men probably in Iraq or Afghanistan for fun and for money (later it was sold to the porn industry or just shared for the specific audience). Therefore there is nothing strange that the materials appear on porn sites (Abu Graib crap was distributed there too).

      Yes, we can’t know it for sure. We are not gov. investigators. But the same you can say literally about any picture from the public source. But You can easily refute our conclusion just by giving link on, as You allege, ‘cuban porn fake film’ and/or on other pictures/movies of the same actors (one-time actors in the porn industry are extremely rare) or even better their interviews (I think they would be glad to receive such attention and rise their ratings).
      If such materials really exist, defenders of the honor of brave US military should already flood Internet with it, which means that it won’t be very difficult to do it for You, will it?

      So I’m waiting for links. Thank You in advance.

      • Kurt Krause said

        You have to be the most ignorant person or admin I’ve ever read anything from. We haven’t ever worn those uniforms in Iraq or Afghanistan. And I was deployed there to both for four years of my life as a medic. Secondly we don’t wear camp face paint. Thirdly, our cameras have much better quality images. Fourthly, you seem really lazy, probably too much to actually look into it on your own. Instead, you’ll play the ignorance game.

        I laugh at how much of an imbecile you are.

  3. dantes76 said

    povero russo…
    It’s a porn… come quelli che si girano in russia 🙂

    • Of course it is a pron. To understand this, just look at the photos.
      The porn that as it stated was made by Western military men most probably in Iraq or Afghanistan.

      But we are still waiting from You proper proofs about fake movie.

  4. Fuck you idiot piece of shit , american ASSHOLES ,
    fuck obama , fuck hillary bitch ,,

  5. Orly said

    Hmmm… Why are troops in Iraq wearing jungle camo from the 70s and not the digital desert “chocolate chip” fatigues that is all anyone has seen from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    • There may be a number «why»:
      – they changed on purpose (for some reason);
      – they had no any (just because your colonial army poorly equiped or they not regular soldiers but some PMC);
      – etc.
      Why should it bother me? I don’t care what they’re wearing.
      Also, why the morons in Abu Ghraib were wearing not ‘the digital desert “chocolate chip” fatigues’? Or may be they should wear a parade uniform for the dirty work?

  6. YoMamma said

    Yeah, the writer is an idiot. The uniforms are all wrong. But he doesn’t want the truth, so fuck him.

    • Yeah, yeah, the last resort. Their clothes mean nothing. Just think about it a bit. And then go get lost with your pseudopatriotic butthurt.

      ‘so fuck him’, indeed, Freudian slip, huh?
      BTW, I’ve read recently, that one in every three women in the US army has experienced some form of sexual assault, from harassment to rape; 37 percent of victims are raped multiple times, 14 percent are gang raped; overall, the rate of rape within the military is twice that of the civilian population (and US is a World champion in the matter). Is it true, bro?
      If so, why you so bother about Iraqi/Afghani rape cases? And who in US army cares about Iraqi/Afghani women at all?

  7. GRIZ_UTM said

    I think it’s more the moralty in general of mankind as a whole. I am an American and an ex militant. I am more proud to say I am a man of the world than an American. It doesn’t leaving me choosing a side. The men in the photos in question are not wearing current U.S. military uniforms. These photos have only one thing in relation to the current troops stationed abroad. They are a tool being used to fuel hate and resentment against the American Forces as are the many people who believe them. Peace be with you…

    • I pretty agree with You in the whole, except a tiny but important bit. I never mistake Americans and bloody American imperial regime. And I’ve never targeted American people. We shouldn’t confuse god’s gift with fried eggs (compare apples with oranges). Thou regime spoils its people to a certain degree.

      There is a funny ambiguity in your message: «They are a tool being used to fuel hate and resentment against the American Forces as are the many people who believe them.»

      Who’s «they»? Photos or «the current troops stationed abroad»?
      Photos, as part of propaganda, actually are. But they are not the source of «fueled hate and resentment» (compare power of individual blogs and power of global Western media monopolies). It’s just consequence, the tool as you’ve said (tool of defense). The real source is «the current troops stationed abroad», their deeds and goals of their masters (who are using the troops as their own tools).

      Uniform means nothing. I’ve already told about that before.
      Peace to you, too.

  8. I hate muslims said

    Its a fake but then the people who say it is real have no “proof” that it is just like I have no proof that it is fake. It shows they like porn tho and are nasty non human shit and should be wiped from the planet 🙂 have a nice day pig from the third world shit hole.

    • I agree with you, bro. I don’t care a fig about Islam or some other religious stuff.
      But you are wrong at some point. You are the pig, not me. Look, I’m highly educated (even by first world standards), I can communicate in different languages. It’s just mutter of time that I’ve come to «your» first world as a shepherd to herd you pigs. As a matter of fact I’m already there.
      Globalization, you know, nothing personal.
      Nice day! )

      • EssEm said

        I can communicate in different languages. It’s just mutter of time…

        Well, you can’t communicate in English very well. The proper phrase is “It’s just a matter of time…” Mutter means to speak unintelligibly under your breath…

      • «Wow, there is mistype in the Internet!11 You are saved! What a relief!1»

        You know, my pretty little grammar nazi EssEm, my English as a matter of fact is not so very well, but good enough, and will be better, because it is just a function of practice. The point is: I can communicate in different languages, you are not. Period. I’m sorry that it’s hurts you so.

  9. bman said

    American soldiers haven’t worn that camouflage pattern since WWII, you fucking morons!!!

    • No, it’s you are fucking moron. ) Who cares what crap they’re wearing in, that-pattern-blah-blah-blah, folk costume, batman’s gear or something? No, really? Are you moron indeed?

      Just look at their faces instead. Or it’s also «fake»? 🙂

  10. Frank the Tank said

    I agree with I hate muslims. Not the part about hating Muslims, which I don’t, but the part about there not being any proof about this being real. You can throw the “show me proof” card out all day, but you still can’t prove that its real either.

    • Hi, Frank. Can you answer me the little question, please?
      OK, let’s suppose all this just unbelievable that brave American (or any NATO) soldier or PMC mercs are raping a woman (let’s try not to laugh to loud for a minute). So…
      You know Frank that the post is much more popular in the blog compare to other posts, and visitors almost exceptionally guys like you, Frank: American’s «patriots» with some butthurt about the matter. Say me, Frank, you have found the post because you have been googling something like «Americans military rape» with intention to flog your dummy? Right?

      It’s brilliant illustration. Thanks!

  11. BlogAuthorIsADumbass said

    Jungle camo and face paint in the desert? Lawl! Even a complete dumbass can see that these pics are posed and clearly not US service members. The blog author here (who by his use of the phrase “white American masters”, gives off a very racist impression) is simply trying to incite hate and violence against Americans.

    • Yeah, posed by the US service members, it’s clear.

      «trying to incite hate and violence against Americans» — bha! «Trying»! All the world just love pretty and lovely Americans, sure.

      No, my friend, that’s you, who is a severe dumbass. Sorry.
      Happy New Year, imperial peasant!

  12. arabian man said

    that is reality of the most of americans . they are barbarians savages then say to the world muslim are terrorist but they r ther real fuking terrorist

  13. arabian man said

    and thx u admin and
    no need arguing with them they didn’t understand

  14. bigfuzzy said
    Here’s your proof asshole. Now what do you have to say for yourself Let me guess, “yes, those photos are fake, but it’s still a valid point!!”, right?
    Why is it so hard to fact check for fucks sake. Took me 5 min to find it was a fake. Oh, right, because that doesn’t help your agenda.
    You’re as much the problem as those you’re attacking. Moron.

  15. bigfuzzy said

    PS I see it was all a clever ply by you by making us help you find porn. Well done sir, well done. Loser.

  16. James Brokes said

    All experience says that if soldiers are left to their own devices, they will drink and they will rape. The strong will sexually dominate the weak. The macho culture, in many countries favour this. In the US Army however the macho culture is ridgid and sadistic.

    Why are we treating this as a problem?
    Our soldiers are feared, and rightly so!
    I say, let them rape and torture all they like..

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