“Euronews” caught on telling lies


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Thanks Squid Room for translation

For the last time I haven’t seen such impudent manipulation with public opinion. At first specially fired cars’ tyres were represented as victims of bombing and specially digged pits in earth to show it as "tonnel left from bomb". It was made to cast Ghadaffi’s image as a man who kills his own population.
There’s good american movie "Wag the Dog" in which shown how american media casted on american people illusion of war in Europe. Their goal was to make people anxious, so they had no time to think about lacks of character of their own president. Now we can see a version of this movie happening in reality. The blood of people is real, but the facts reported on news are more cinematic than realistic.
After the american fleet shoot Tomahawk rockets on Lybia it became harder and harder to find sold out lying reporters, because they just ran away from the country. But the whole compain of desinformation was well payed before these accidents, so it’s hard to stop it now. Even respectable TV channels are ready for everything to serve oligarchs.
On the 12th of March 2011 channel Euronews made a web voting about situation in Lybia. The voitings were different for Russia speaking people and for the rest of the world. Look at the screenshots below. The Russian text (left) asks "Do you agree with critics toward bombing of Lybia?" While international (right) doesn’t asks you do you agree or not. It just asks "Do you what to bomb Gaddafi actively?"

еВРАНЬюз для русских


Вы согласны с критикой воздушных ударов по Ливии?

  • ДА
  • НЕТ

еВРАНЬюз для клиента


Do you think the air strikes in Libya should actively target Muammar Gaddafi?

  • YES
  • NO

The average Russian person would agree with critics. But all votes came from Russia were counted in the end as answer to second "european" question. It means that if you answered "i agree with critics on intervention", computer marks your vote like you agree that you want to kill Gaddafi actively. It was made to fake opinion from Russia like our people vote for "killing of dictator". But in reality they don’t want to vote for it.

This lame provocation can’t make me angry, it just makes me laugh, because there’s exellect example of european "democracy" which lets people vote "for what they want".
Can we do anything with that?
Of course we can!
By revealing truth and uniting together, so everybody could see how we are enormous powerfull with our burning hearts eager for the truth and honest politics.
Now we can begin. Let subscribe a petition against this dirty war.
Let show politicans the billions of signatures.

PLEASE BEGIN RIGHT NOW: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/free-libya/

P.S. Broadcaster "Euronews" removed scandalous version of the question in Russian with their pages on March 22. Now the Russian translation is consistent with the principles of "European humanism". Russian translation now ( "Do you think that the aim of air strikes on Libya’s should be Muammar Gaddafi?) looks not equivalent but similar like in english: "Do you think the air strikes in Libya should actively target Muammar Gaddafi?" Why translate does not meet the original in full again? Guess yourself. But it accurately reflects the real purpose of the coalition anyway. Officials of the coalition lies, that the objectives of strikes are only military targets. "Euronews" honestly says that the main purpose of these kids is to kill. We can thank the "Euronews" broadcaster for this cannibal sincerity.

Please share information about the facts of forgery by the propaganda organ of the EU as quickly as possible and wider!

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10 Responses to ““Euronews” caught on telling lies”

  1. Aiesha Slema said

    Hi plz, watch the below videos:- This video is only for adult ) … In the name of God .. or Sarkozi .. a libyan soldier beheaded by the rebels … this is a disgusting video I can not completed my self …. see how can media change people to animals

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSxoE5ydNRI&feature=autofbairstrike forces killed 10 of civilians Mizda 29.3.2011

    • Yes, Aiesha, I have seen it and have posted it in Russian communities. It is distributing now. There is other videos with deeds of ‘peaceful protesters’:

      Russian people wish you good luck. We are so sorry that our so called leaders are such fishy bastards…
      Hold on, Libya!

      • Aiesha Slema said

        thanks a lot for your comments.

        Plz, watch the videos again, the protests who slaughter and cut heads of others. I am not with any leader, but I do not encourage violence. As, you know violence leads to more violence and more bloods!!

  2. Aiesha Slema said

    Civilians were killed in the Western air strikes in the Libyan!!! Stop helping them by bombing them!!

    • This is horrible. I want to believe that all be OK with them.

      But I wonder, why you, guys, publish such video (with interviews) without translation? It has almost killed effect: non-Arabic people do not really understand what the people on the video have said.
      Why don’t you at least do some short brief: who they are, what he said, she said, doctor said? At best, there should be subtitles in English. Then we can easily translate to the other languages.

      It is really important thing.

  3. Aiesha Slema said

    plz watch this!!
    Civilians were killed in the Western air strikes in the Libyan in the hospital!!! Stop helping them by bombing them!!

  4. Aiesha Slema said

    Watch this plz!!

    • I have seen it, and cite it in one of my previous comments (see the 2nd link above). I already repost it for Russian audience too. It already have seen about 3000 people, some of them have reposted it in other places.

  5. Aiesha Slema said

    thanks so much for citing the video.

    Please watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rM_idbU2UQg&feature=related&skipcontrinter=1
    • Hanging, Burning soldiers belong to the Libyan army by the rebels in Musratah, Benghazi. Is this the freedom they want and the respect they are looking for by the killing in very barbarous, bestial, cruel, ferocious and wolfish way. Those rebels been protected by the united nation by its plains and bombs

  6. Aiesha Slema said

    Please post the below link:-
    German journalists reveal that the shooting of civilians in Misurata are from CIA-supported snipers.


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