19 January – Antifascist Action: in memory of slain lawyer and journalist


Anastasia Baburova and Stanislav Markelov were our comrades – left activists and antifascists. They were murdered a year ago.

Large demo in Moscow in homage to Anastasia Baburova and Stanislav Markelov
Reporters Without Borders – Published on 20 January 2010

More than 1,000 people took part in yesterday’s rally in Moscow in homage to journalist Anastasia Baburova and human rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov on the first anniversary of their murder.

Young anti-fascist activists, representatives of human rights NGOs and above all ordinary citizens made up the unusually large crowd that defied freezing temperatures and marched with photos of Baburova and Markelov and other murdered journalists and activists such as Anna Politkovskaya and Natalia Estemirova.

The mayor of Moscow had finally given permission for rallies at the departure point and finishing point but not for a march between the two. As a result, the police intervened to disperse the demonstrators during the march and to confiscate photos and posters.

A large number of police also intervened at the finishing point, on Boulevard Chistoprudny, interrupting the reading of an appeal by the organising committee and grabbing the megaphone, leading to clashes and further arrests. The police said around 20 arrests were made but witnesses said more than 50 demonstrators were arrested. All were released within three hours without being charged.

One of the organisers, Lev Ponomarev, the head of the NGO “For Human Rights,” nonetheless received notification of an “administrative violation” for exceeding the permitted number of demonstrators.

Parallel acts of solidarity also took placed in St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Samara, Omsk and Petrozavodsk and in cities abroad, including Paris.

Images of the Moscow demonstration can be seen on the websites of Kommersant, Novaya Gazeta, Indymedia.

19.01.2010 – Support persecuted journalists and human rights activists in Russia !

After initially banning it, the Moscow authorities have finally given the go-ahead for a march today in Moscow in homage to human rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov and the young Novaya Gazeta reporter Anastasia Baburova, who were gunned down on a central Moscow street exactly one year ago.

The march is being organised by the ad hoc “19 January Committee” to protest against the criminalisation of civil society groups in Russia and the failure to punish acts of violence by far-right-wing groups. Similar marches are being organised in other Russian and European cities.

In Paris, Reporters Without Borders and many other human rights groups are relaying an appeal (see below) for support for activists in Russia who are facing intimidation, physical attacks and death threats.

After hopes were raised by the arrests of two alleged members of a neo-Nazi movement in early November, the investigation into the murders of Markelov and Baburova seems to have stalled again. The alleged shooter, Nikita Tikhonov, has retracted his initial confession, blaming it on the mistreatment he received at the hands of his interrogators and the threats they made against his wife.

In a 29 December submission to the prosecutor’s office, he said he was arrested 24 hours before the time given in the police report and was beaten all night. He was shown in the black mask he wore at the time of his arrest in order to hide the marks of the blows he had received. A judge has ordered that Tikhonov and the other suspect, Yevgeniya Khasis, be held until 19 April pending further investigation.

The Federal Security Service (FSB) said it suspected that the same neo-Nazi group was responsible for some of the other political murders that have taken place in recent years. While hailing an apparent determination to finally combat extreme right-wing groups which had previously taken advantage of official laxness, human rights activists have voiced concern that a scapegoat has been found to mask the continuing impunity for such acts of violence.

Baburova and Markelov were gunned down after a news conference at which Markelov had condemned the early release of Yuri Budanov, an army colonel who was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2003 for strangling a young Chechen woman. As a journalist, Baburova covered neo-Nazi movement and the resurgence of racism.

* * *

Moscow rally in memory of slain lawyer, journalist
The Associated Press
Tuesday, January 19, 2010; 1:04 PM

MOSCOW — More than 500 activists [actually about 1000C.V.] rallied Tuesday in Moscow in memory of a human rights lawyer and a journalist slain a year ago, and more than 20 of them were detained by police.

The killing of lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova on Jan. 19, 2009 caused an international outcry. They were gunned down by a masked gunman on a busy central street after attending a daytime news conference.

Authorities in November arrested two alleged members of an extreme nationalist group suspected of involvement in the killing. Their trial is still pending.

Participants in Tuesday’s rally carried posters that read "To remember means to fight!" and "Fascism won’t pass!"

The rally was sanctioned by the authorities but banned from marching along a downtown boulevard. The demonstrators moved to ignore the ban, chanting "Fascists Kill, Authorities cover them up!" and riot police detained some of them.

Police spokesman Viktor Biryukov said 24 demonstrators were detained for taking part in an unsanctioned march.

However, police allowed other participants in the protest to move along the boulevard and hold another rally a few hundred meters (yards) away.

Activist Sergei Udaltsov [Left Front Movement activist, Red Youth Vanguard Group (АКМ) leader, not in 19 January CommitteeC.V.] said the demonstrators wanted to draw attention to Russian authorities’ slow action against neo-Nazi and other extremist groups.

"We are here to say our firm "No" to nationalism, fascism and inactivity of authorities," Udaltsov told The Associated Press at the rally.

Russia has seen a string of contract-style killings of human rights workers and journalists in recent years [actualy the action was more about killings of antifascist and anarchist activists and the failure to punish acts of violence by far-right-wing groups (with the connivance of authorities)C.V.], including investigative reporter Anna Politkovskaya, whose contract-style killing in October 2006 shocked the world. Few of the killings are ever solved. In the rare case when suspects are brought to trial, the mastermind is rarely identified.

Markelov had angered radical nationalists, who had threatened him, but he also made enemies through his work of fighting for victims of rights abuses in Chechnya. Baburova, who had worked for Politkovskaya’s crusading Novaya Gazeta newspaper, died when she tried to stop the hit man.

* * *

Read more here: http://www.daylife.com/topic/Stanislav_Markelov

* * *


2010.01.19. Москва. Антифашиский марш. — Moscow. Antifascist march.
Rubahin (mnog) @ LJ — 2010-01-20 02:25:00

First 24 protesters were arrested for posters in their hands. Petrovsky boulevard.

“The strength of workers is the powerlessness of fascists”.

In the begining of the march there were about 500 protesters. [It was about 10 degrees of frost in that day.C.V.]

The street was blocked by police forces. The police was trying to divide the crowd into small groups.

[There was clash with the police.C.V.]

Near the Griboedov statue gathered about 700-900 protesters. Chistoprudny boulevard (end point).

“Nazis must go to prison!”

“Putin – get out!”
One of organizers (human rights advocate Ponomarev) asked the people put away such (out of declared subject) posters (in order not to give cause for the police).

The police blocked the car with audio equipment and one of organizers start to speak in the megaphone [very weak and low-poweredC.V.]. After a while police officers decided to grab away the device. Nobody knows why, the people were calm, the speech was on declared subject. [Just another provocation.C.V.]

Such behavior provoked the people and the people don’t give the police to arrest the man with megaphone…

… and then there had started clash with police, young men threw ice stones at policemen.

Ponomarev was trying to stop clash. But people were really angry with police.

Protesters lay down their demands to release arrested people.

Ponomarev had negotiated it somehow with these police bigwigs.


Those who was arrested were released.

Other photo:

Настя Кельт (keltea) @ LJ — 2010-01-20 03:10:00

[Sergei UdaltsovC.V.]

Paper “Antifascist”.

On the way to Chistoprudny boulevard.

[Auto, buses and trucks in background are the police ones. In buses concealed special forces.C.V.]

[Russian politic Gregory Yavlinsky (liberal)C.V.]

[The banner says “No political assassinations!”C.V.]

[In the list names of antifa activists which were murdered by nazis:
Timur Kacharava (Тимур Качарава) – was 20 – killed by nazis 13.11.2005
Aleksandr Rukhin (Александр Рюхин) – was 19 – killed by nazis 16.04.2006
Stanislav Korepanov (Станислав Корепанов) – was 18 – killed by nazis 31.03.2007
Ilya Borodaenko (Илья Бородаенко) – was 26 – killed by nazis 21.07.2007
Aleksey Krylov (Алексей Крылов) – was 21 – killed by nazis 16.03.2008
Feodor Filatov (Федор Филатов) – was 27 – killed by nazis 10.10.2008
Ilya Japaridze (Илья Джапаридзе) – was 20 – killed by nazis 27.06.2009
Ivan Khutorskoy (Иван Хуторской) – was 26 – killed by nazis 16.11.2009


More photo:

* * *


Protestors stone riot police
RIA Novosti — 14:0821/01/2010

A protest on Tuesday night in central Moscow in memory of lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova, who were shot dead in Moscow last year, ended in scuffles with the police. Protestors threw stones at riot police.





Грани-ТВ: Против нацистского террора


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